We’re All Set

Below is a rough outline of what will happen next over the course of your 1-year property tax appeal subscription.

What Happens Next

  • We will be in touch frequently with status updates.
  • We will reach out via email to obtain e-Signature of county-specific authorization documents, these allow us to represent you.
  • We will reach out via email to get the Exemption Questionnaire completed.
  • Depending on questionnaire answers, we may request additional documents such as HUD-1, appraisal, and etc.
  • We will file the appeal at the next opportunity to, within your one-year subscription. This may be the Assessor or Board, whichever comes first. Between, Tax Appeal Tech, LLC (not a law firm) and Dimitrios P. Trivizas, LTD (law firm). We will file at both levels.
  • Per level, if an assessment reduction is obtained you’ll receive a Appeal Result Report with an invoice that is calculated off of tax savings (per your specific plan). If no reduction, then no invoice.
  • If we get a reduction at one level and obtain another reduction at the next level, then you will receive two separate invoices.
  • After a one-year of service we hope that we’ve done such a great job for you that you renew with us -and- tell your neighbors.