Hello Chicago, Appeal Your Property Taxes in 4 Steps

Step 1Signup with Us.
Complete the signup form with your contact information and property details, select a service plan, complete and submit engagement documents to initiate work. 

Step 2We Start Work.
We start work on your client file with the review and completion of a property tax analysis that yields a property tax savings projection, if we calculate that there’s no savings potential and we consider your property accurately assessed we’ll refund upfront payment if applicable. If there indeed is a projected savings, then we proceed in the appeal process.

Step 3. We Represent You.
Following the completion of the property tax analysis, we determine the strongest fact-driven approach for your tax reduction and compile your appeal argument, package it with the supporting evidence, and file for your property taxes reduction. We then represent you before the respective appeal boards. 

Step 4.  Performance-based Fee.
If and when we are successful, we will receive an appeal results letter detailing the amount that your assessment was reduced by. In the case of an assessment reduction, our fee is to split half of the first year’s savings with you. If we are unsuccessful in achieving an assessment reduction, we will receive an appeal result letter stating that there was “no change” in the assessment value. In such a case, we don’t charge a fee, but will keep trying each year within the re-assessment cycle.  For the next opportunity in the appeal cycle, we revert back to Step 3 in attempt of an achievement of more savings in the case of a prior reduction -or- an attempt to achieve the first successful reduction in the case of a prior “no change”.