What: Our mission is to simplify real estate property tax appeal with innovative technology. We take a complicated real estate property tax system, break it down, and explain it for easy understanding of the lay person. This effort empowers real estate property owners to make an educated decision with regard to evaluating their fair assessment and the pursuit of a property tax refund and/or appeal. 

Why: The real estate property tax problem in Chicago is one of the largest Nationwide. For years there have been vast amounts of media attention given to this problem, it’s causes, and possible government solutions. 

There have been a plethora of companies that have stepped up to offer their version of a property tax assessment appeal solution to this governmental property tax assessment regression and resulting over-assessment problem. Thus, the market is saturated with so many property tax appeal consultants and attorneys that the common property owner may experience option-overload. 

We pride ourselves on standing apart from the rest with our technologically advanced approach to property tax analyses and appeals. Pair this with transparency through the education of our clients on the navigation of the complex property tax system throughout the appeal process, the proactive communication of appeal status on a frequent basis, the comprehensive online servicing of our clients from start to finish, and more.

How (the Tech): We scrape data, we FOIA request data, we download data and we purchase data. The common denominator to our operation is the harvesting of large volumes of (big) data.
We have a vast database comprised of various property and market data criteria that we keep current on a daily basis year around. 

Additionally, we have a proprietary software suite of applications that we utilize to integrate with our database. This disruptive innovation allows us to, at speed, perform property tax analyses and compile property tax appeal evidence which results in us serving our clients most effectively and efficiently.

Who:justin_mcclelland.jpg I, Justin McClelland, founded Tax Appeal Tech LLC in 2019 after serving as a consultant to multiple real estate tax firms since 2012. Over the years, I’ve paid close attention to what firms were doing well and what they were failing at with regards to serving their clients needs. Advanced data science elements in a very data-driven field are what positions Tax Appeal Tech to provide a white-glove level service while ensuring our clients’ fair tax treatment. 

Where: We are headquartered in the South Loop of Chicago, Illinois with a supplemental and diverse remote staff that spans across the globe. Our tech focus and agility enables our flow state boots-on-the-ground understanding of the ever-changing Illinois property tax laws, policies, and regulations. Our focus is on serving clients with real estate property in the counties that make up the most of Chicagoland; Cook County and the collar counties of Will, Lake, and DuPage. 

When: Tax Appeal Tech LLC is a young company that was founded in 2019. The talented personnel that make it run bring over 10 years of specialization experience in the art of creating value through the application of computer science to the real estate property tax sector.