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DIY (Pro Se): Full Flat-Fee Service Plan - Contract

The Rundown

("Client") understands and acknowledges that Tax Appeal Tech (“TAT”) is to analyze, compile, and provide a property tax appeal evidence package ("Pro Se Package"), per property, for a subscription term of 1-year. TAT will not file the appeal. Client is responsible for filing the appeal online.

TAT will provide a Pro Se Package for the respective township Assessor ("Assessor") as well as for the respective county Board of Review ("Board"), which gives property owners a second opportunity to appeal the assessment set by the Assessor. 

The $195 UPFRONT FEE is for the processing of documentation and is non-refundable. Payment collected is a one-time fee, per year. There is no fee contingent upon savings and Client keeps 100% of tax savings resulting from assessment reduction, at both the Assessor and Board.

The guarantee: If the Pro Se Package provided by TAT, is filed online and on-time and doesn't produce a successful assessment reduction within one-year of service, TAT will continue to provide service, at no-cost, until an assessment reduction is achieved.

Key Points

  • Client files their own appeal
  • Results guaranteed
  • $195 upfront fee is non-refundable
  • We will provide you with evidence files until you get a reduction
  • You're hiring us to provide you with the evidence necessary for you to appeal on your own behalf
  • Your term of service is 1-year -or- until it works, whichever happens last
  • Payment terms: Agent's fees shall be due upfront in the amount of a $195 fee annually

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DIY (Pro Se): Full Flat-Fee Plan 
Service Agreement

("Client"), is the owner or authorized agent for the property ("Subject Property") located at:


You are agreeing to hereby retain Tax Appeal Tech, LLC ("TAT").

TAT will analyze, compile, and provide real estate market evidence packages ("Pro Se Package") to Client to support the real estate property tax appeal of Subject Property. TAT will provide Client with Pro Se Package for every property tax appeal opportunity granted, per respective Illinois county, within 365 days of signup. 

TAT will deliver a Pro Se Package PDF (Portable Document Format) file electronically to Client within 48 business hours of client engagement.

It is responsibility of Client to submit Pro Se Package documentation online to respective township Assessor and county Board of Review in a timely manner. TAT shall have the exclusive discretion to formulate the strategy most appropriate to minimize the long-term property taxes. 

The annual subscription fee is $195, per property. 

Service Guarantee:
TAT guarantees the Pro Se Package to garner a real estate property tax assessment reduction within the annual subscription period or the subsequent annual subscription(s) is at no charge, until a reduction is achieved. 

In Short:
We will provide you every document that you need to get your property taxes reduced. We guarantee success. 

Client is engaging TAT to perform the outlined services per annual subscription term. Payment shall serve as communicated agreement of all aforementioned terms.

DATE: September 30, 2020

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